Commercial Waste and Tarnished Trademarks

16.5.2022 10:05

In this blog, Joonas Vola ponders whether the littering of environment with famous trademarks may cause harm for the reputation or value of a brand. Can the trustworthiness of a product certificate be endangered by relating it to negative activities towards the environmental sustainability in taking account the afterlife of the products?

One Arctic or Two? Polar Geopolitics in the Wake of the Ukraine Conflict

15.5.2022 8:32

The ongoing attacks by Russia against Ukraine continue to shock us all. Whatever the outcome of this conflict, and we do not even have a concise view of how long the fighting could last, we are already facing many of its political and strategic consequences, including here in the Nordic states.

Decolonising indigenous knowledge? Reading circle 12 May 2022 noon Finnish time

11.5.2022 14:23

Indigenous knowledge, or better indigenous ways of knowing, have been key to anthropological debates on human-environment relations in the Arctic, even more so since climate change has increased the interest in this field of ours so much. Everyone is welcome if you like, to a discussion about a recent article in Current Anthropology on indigenous …

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