Interview during pandemic: Anna Nerkagi

9.4.2021 18:31

It has been one year since the coronavirus pandemic became a part of our life and changed it in a very radical way. We follow the rules of the government, we developed some rules for ourselves – and every one of these is made to stay safe and alive. From the beginning of the pandemic until today, people all around the world are shocked by the high number of …

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Miten Suomen ark­ti­nen stra­te­gia muut­tuu? / How will Finland’s Arctic strategy change?

29.3.2021 14:57

Uusi strategia nostaa perustellusti ilmastonmuutoksen torjunnan ja siihen sopeutumisen Suomen arktisen strategian keskiöön.

Shovelling snow – a duty or a way to show off?

26.3.2021 9:00

To shovel snow is an unavoidable activity for those living in the Arctic. But is it fun? A nuisance? A health risk? It is all that and much more!