Extreme Arctic weather impacts for animal husbandry

27.1.2024 11:26

Florian Stammler and Erik Kielsen Much has been written already about the losses of reindeer due to icing-over, or rain on snow events, among reindeer herders in Siberia and elsewhere. The climate seasonality is changing and this comes with its challenges in the Arctic for humans and animals alike. For example, in our research site …

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Indigenous ways of knowing in auditing practice

22.1.2024 15:50

Currently the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) has one of their worldwide working group meetings in Rovaniemi, the working group of environmental auditing (WGEA). At this meeting they have a specialised session on indigenous knowledge in auditing, to which they invited me as a keynote speaker. Not only was it hopefully a useful …

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Märät talvet, kuumat kesät – miten sopeutua?

15.12.2023 9:46

Muuttuva ilmasto on rävähtänyt suomalaistenkin silmille. Puhutaan ilmastonmuutoksen vaikutuksista ja hillinnästä. Harvassa on enää se, joka nopean muutoksen kieltää.