NPE Internships – A Decade Later

7.10.2021 15:12

NPE researchers Adrian Braun and Joonas Vola share a few insights and memories about their research paths that started a decade ago with internships in September 2011. Both did not foresee which enormous impacts an internship at Arctic Centre would have for their professional careers and consequently also for their lives.

What makes the “ness” in Geel?

5.10.2021 7:58

Distinctive doctrines of the Church, and their place in contemporary society, are at times, argued to bring about changes in the Arctic – the people, their land, and traditions. Could such be the case elsewhere in Western Europe? I recently travelled to Belgium, on a work trip for an EU project. There is a lot …

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Job offer in Aberdeen: lecturer anthropology

25.9.2021 15:10

Our colleague Tatiana Agrounova-Low shares a job-opening for a lecturer in anthropology at the department in Aberdeen. By the way, congratulations to her for becoming Head of Department in Aberdeen! Most of you know that the department in Aberdeen is one of the top addresses for Arctic Anthropology worldwide, since the time Tim Ingold and …

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