One Arctic or Two? Polar Geopolitics in the Wake of the Ukraine Conflict

15.5.2022 8:32

The ongoing attacks by Russia against Ukraine continue to shock us all. Whatever the outcome of this conflict, and we do not even have a concise view of how long the fighting could last, we are already facing many of its political and strategic consequences, including here in the Nordic states.

How Nordic countries could act to save Arctic co-operation

27.4.2022 13:33

The Arctic co-operation as we knew it is broken. No Western country wants to have any co-operation with Russia, a country guilty of starting a cruel war in Europe, and the Arctic is now divided between Russia and seven Western countries. Of them, five are Nordic countries.

Deep sea mining royalties: who pays for our electric cars in the future?

25.3.2022 12:04

Krittika Singh is a Researcher and PhD Candidate in the doctoral programme: Arctic in a Changing World