Sudden loss of a great research facilitator

29.12.2020 20:04

This is dedicated to a long term and very good friend, Konstantin Ochepkov, who passed away in Siberia way too early yesterday, just a little over 50 years old. His body was not able to retain victory over covid-19. I have known Kostya (how most of us called him) since I first came to Yamal …

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Long live the tundra nomads!

18.12.2020 11:49

Just found out from the local news that in the Novyi Urengoy hospital two Nenets elders survived covid-19 and recovered from pneumonia, at the age of more than 100 years! These elders are so tough! I have also had the honour of meeting quite many people over 100 years old in the tundra particularly during …

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A Nightmare before Christmas – A Tale on Ignorance and Inequality

15.12.2020 9:28

And it happened in those days, in a land up, high up in the North, not so long ago, that the Three Wise Women took a long journey to follow a frozen star, to seek their way to Him, to sit next to His throne.