Field notes from a peat bog

8.8.2022 15:17

NPE’s visiting researcher Hanna Lempinen is currently doing research focusing on the just transition of the Finnish peat industry. She did some fieldwork at a peat bog in Northern Finland in this blog post she shares some of her first thoughts.

Arctic Midsummer – party time with pagan roots

26.6.2022 9:44

In the European Arctic Midsummer nowadays marks mostly the start of the summer holidays. But at the roots of this big holiday, celebrated on or close to the longest day of the year, are pre-christian traditions. Asking from the spirits for a good harvest and for protection from evil forces were at the centre of …

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The dynamics of hope, politics and colonialism

22.6.2022 12:23

In this blog post, Marjo Lindroth and Heidi Sinevaara-Niskanen introduce their new book that delves into the more sinister sides of evoking hope in politics.