Fieldnotes returning to the field: Tim Ingold and the Skolt Sámi

13.5.2024 10:15

Those of our readers who read Finnish may have seen this already, but this event may be of some wider relevance: Tim Ingold returns his fieldnotes from the early 1970s back to the archive of the Skolt Sámi, who were resettled from the Petsamo area in Murmansk Oblast in the 1940s to the Sevettijärvi …

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Climate Change in the Arctic, the Military Consequences and Security Implications

25.3.2024 10:53

The CLIMARCSEC (Climate Change and Arctic Security – Military Implications) project had its meeting in Rovaniemi in March, hosted by the Arctic Centre. This blog opens up the contents of the workshop.

Extreme Arctic weather impacts for animal husbandry

27.1.2024 11:26

Florian Stammler and Erik Kielsen Much has been written already about the losses of reindeer due to icing-over, or rain on snow events, among reindeer herders in Siberia and elsewhere. The climate seasonality is changing and this comes with its challenges in the Arctic for humans and animals alike. For example, in our research site …

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