Why are we so afraid of China, even here in the North? / Miksi pelkäämme niin paljon Kiinaa, jopa täällä pohjolassa?

29.10.2019 12:32

Do you still remember how Japan was feared in the West? After World War II until the early 1990’s, the country's economy grew at such a speed that, especially in the United States, there were fears of Japanese economic influence spreading its tentacles to all sectors of the society. Many popular books and manifests were produced to counter the Japanese economic Pearl Harbor.

Future Arctic Ecosystems revisited or reindeer herding at the verge of extinction?

28.10.2019 14:16

30 Oct, 14:00, Rovaniemi, Arktikum, 2nd floor, coffee room. In this Wednesday Afternoon Coffee Chat (WACC) Florian Stammler will have a dialogue session with Aytalina Ivanova from Yakutsk reflecting on Arctic research agendas. What was supposed to be the first … Continue reading

How to stay sane during maternity leave

9.10.2019 12:51

Work and family are notoriously difficult to combine in the academic world, especially for female researchers. In this blog post, NPE team’s Visiting Researcher Hanna Lempinen shares her experience of spending six months at home with a surprise baby.

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