Uusi julkaisu: Arctic Governance

5.11.2004 10:00

Pohjoisen ympäristö- ja vähemmistöoikeuden instituutilta ilmestynyt uusi julkaisu: ”Arctic Governance”

”Arctic Governance” contains new research results of the political and legal issues that are crucial from the perspective of the sustainable development of the Arctic region.

TABLE OF CONTENTS: I International Governance in the Arctic: 1. Keskitalo, Carina: The Arctic as an International Region - But for Whom? 2. Heininen, Lassi: New External Political Structures in Northern Cooperation and Northern Governance: From Quantity to Quality; 3. Tennberg, Monica: Climate Change and Globalization in the Arctic: Compression of Time and Space? 4. Koivurova, Timo: The Regime of the Espoo Convention in the Arctic: Towards a Strategic Environmental Assessment Procedure. II Indigenous Peoples and Governance, with Special Reference to the Arctic: 5. Helander, Elina: The Nature of Sami Customary Law; 6. Valkonen, Sanna: The Saami Identity and the Politics of Recognition; 7. Loukacheva, Natalia: Comparative Arctic Governance: The Jurisdiction of Greenland and Nunavut Re-examined; 8. Ford, Violet: Section 35 and the Protection of Inuit Intellectual and Cultural Property; 9. Pentikäinen, Merja: International Human Rights and the Protection and Promotion of Minority and Indigenous Cultures. III Environmental Governance in the Arctic: 10. Koivurova, Timo: The Case of Vuotos; 11. Ravna, Øyvind: Can Land Consolidation Principles Improve the Land Use Situation in Reindeer Husbandry? 12. Heinämäki, Leena: Environmental Rights Protecting the Way of Life of Arctic Indigenous Peoples: ILO Convention No. 169 and the UN Draft Declaration on Indigenous Peoples; 13. Päiviö, Nils-Johan: Skattemannarätt, or Privilegium Odiosum.

Sales information: Arctic Governance (editors Koivurova T. & Joona T. & Shnoro R.), Juridica Lapponica No. 29. Sevenprint Ltd. 2004. 268 pages (price 49 euros). The enquiries of how to obtain the book, please contact Marja Collins (marja.collins@ulapland.fi).

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