Scoping Workshop on Data-driven Subnational Decision-making

« Takaisin8.6.2022 18:00–21:00

Welcome to ArcticPASSION workshop on “Data-driven Subnational Decision-making”.

The workshop will take place on Wednesday, 8 June 2022 at 17-20 CEST (18-21 Helsinki; 15-18 Reykjavik; 13-16 Nuuk,9-12am Yellowknife; 7-10am Fairbanks).

The information about the workshop , the programme and the registration:


The workshop will identify key interactions/issues between the pan-Arctic observation system (especially the Arctic PASSION work) and the needs and activities of sub-national authorities and agencies. We are interested in learning about decision-makers' needs and possible benefits from improved pan-Arctic observation. We will discuss: 1) data use, data availability gaps and needs of decision-makers; 2) the role of national and international data platforms; 3) the challenges related to the readability of data, and 4) the community-based observation and traditional knowledge in decision-making. The meeting will bring together local, regional and national decision-makers and experts, as well as Arctic PASSION researchers and Arctic rightsholders and stakeholders.

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