Guest lecture: Environmental Autonomy in Legal Terms An Emerging Concept

« Takaisin20.8.2021 14:00–15:00

Speaker: Prof. Zerrin Savaşan, Selçuk University, Turkey

Date and time: Friday, August 20, 2021, at 14:00

Venue: Meeting room Thule, Arktikum (2nd floor)

Online participation: Via Teams

The Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law currently hosts Prof. Zerrin Savaşan from Selçuk University, Turkey.

Prof. Savaşan will talk about environmental autonomy focusing on Indigenous Peoples. She has specialized in the disciplines of public international law, European law, and international relations.


Summary of the talk: 

The talk aims to explore the ‘environmental autonomy’ paradigm arising as a new priority subject in the field of both autonomy-related and environmental issues in the recent period. For this purpose, firstly, it clarifies the concept of autonomy through an examination made in two dimensions: territorial and nonterritorial, touching on federal/regional state and consociational(ism) state. Secondly, it focuses on the legal bases of autonomy under international law through relevant topics such as self-determination/secession and minority rights. Thirdly, it discusses specifically environmental autonomy in legal terms as an emerging new concept under international law referring to indigenous rights particularly through the United Nations Declaration on the Right of Indigenous Peoples(UNDRIP) (Resolution 61/295, September 13, 2007) and the International Labour Organization(ILO) Convention on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples No. 169 of 1989. It questions whether they entirely turn into policies in practice or need more to be done. Finally, based on its findings, it concludes that granting authority and legitimacy to indigenous peoples on those issues related to their environmental concerns is essential for promoting environmental autonomy under international law.

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