Arctic Languages map (2019)

Arctic languages map

The Arctic Indigenous languages map broadly demonstrates Arctic Indigenous languages spoken by members of the Arctic Council Permanent Participant organizations.

Map citation:
Indigenous Peoples’ Secretariat and UiT - The Arctic University of Norway. 2019, Ságastallamin – Telling the story of Arctic Indigenous Languages Exhibition. Adapted from “Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna, CAFF 2013 – Akureyri. Arctic Biodiversity Assessment. Status and Trends in Arctic biodiversity. – Linguistic Diversity (Chapter 20) page 656”.

Map sources:
Arctic Biodiversity Assessment (CAFF, 2013); GRID-Arendal (GRID-Arendal/UN Environment, 2019), W.K. Dallmann (Norwegian Polar Institute, 2012), experts from the Arctic Council Permanent Participant organizations. The language classification for Haida is based on Schoonmaker et al., 1997, for Yukagir on advice from the Institute for the Peoples of the North, 2019.

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