Thematic networks and working groups

The Arctic Centre and it's researchers are active in international networks and working groups.

We are hosting the following thematic networks and working groups.

The European Polar Board

The Arctic Centre is a member of the European Polar Board which is an independent European Organization of Directors and Managers of the major European National Polar Programmes. It is concerned with major strategic priorities in the Arctic and Antarctic and has members from national operators and research institutes in 17 countries.

The China-Nordic Arctic Research Centre

The Arctic Centre is the Finnish partner to the China-Nordic Arctic Research Centre (CNARC), which is lead by Polar Research Institute of China. This co-operation aims at exchange of researchers and information about the Arctic. CNARC’s purpose is to provide a platform for academic cooperation to increase awareness, understanding and knowledge of the Arctic and its global impacts, as well as to promote cooperation for sustainable development of the Nordic Arctic and coherent development of China in a global context.