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Domestic use of fish in the northern households


I am a passionate fisherwoman as many of the people in Lapland are. I cannot point to any single reason for this passion but I can evaluate the main importance of this activity. Before getting in to the arts of fishing I want to pinpoint that my life with fish (and reindeer) as a whole conducts the basics in my thinking and writing anthropology – e.g. concepts of enskilment and tacit knowledge. Here I talk about my personal knowledge, from the special locality of the upper stream of Ivalo River.    

Researcher of the month: Marjo Lindroth


Marjo Lindroth is a researcher in International Relations at the University of Lapland and a member of the NPE team of the Arctic Centre. She is enrolled in the LeCTra Doctoral Program at the University of Lapland. Her doctoral research focuses on indigenous peoples in international politics.   

Researcher of the month: Hannah Strauss-Mazzullo


Hannah Strauss-Mazzullo is a researcher at the Arctic Centre, and member of the Northern Political Economy group. She is currently teaching courses in the social sciences department at the University of Lapland.   

Researcher of the month: Hanna Lempinen


Hanna Lempinen is a researcher in the NPE group at the Arctic Centre and a PhD candidate at the University of Lapland. Her doctoral dissertation focuses on security, sustainability and agency through a case study focus on the Barents energyscape   

Researcher of the month: Ilona Mettiäinen


Ilona Mettiäinen is a researcher at the Sustainable Development Research Group and the Northern Political Economy team at the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland. She is a PhD student in Sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Lapland and enrolled in the multidisciplinary Arctic Doctoral Programme ARKTIS.    

Researcher of the month: Joonas Vola


Joonas Vola is a researcher in the Sustainable Development research group and a member of NPE team at the Arctic Centre and a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Lapland. His doctoral dissertation focuses on the political nature of the visual and material culture especially in animal based bioeconomic production in the Arctic region.   

Arctic session countdown: To Warsaw and back


Getting ready for my first international conference on IR ... sleepless night ... early wake up ... flight from North to South - Rovaniemi to Helsinki - and then all the way to Warsaw Chopin Airport (being stunned by the rectangular landscape dominated by agricultural patterns) ... learning to use the local public transport ... finding the registration desk in beautiful main campus of Warsaw University to participate the third day of the 8th Pan European Conference on International Relations held in 18 - 21 of September ... and catching breath during a happy reunion with friends and colleagues near and far ... and finally searching my way to the Arctic International Relations Panel 3 - The Arctic of Regions or Globalization hosted by professor Lassi Heininen.    

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Researchers from the Northern Political Economy Research Group (NPE) share their thoughts and insights related to the Arctic from everyday to social, political and economic perspectives.

Whose Sustainability?
PhD research blog about the local and global sustainabilities on the Arctic seal hunt, crafts & trade by NPE reseacher Heidi Konttinen.