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The ’battery belt’ by public transport


NPE researcher Hanna Lempinen shares her experiences of travelling from Rovaniemi to Umeå by public transport.   

Corporate Social Responsibility – More relevant than ever before! But possibly outdated as a concept?


Researcher Adrian Braun, has outlined in his doctoral dissertation the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and its applicability in the mining industry in the European Arctic. Two years later, he reflects on latest developments around sustainability reporting and the CSR concept. In this regard he discusses the emergence of the sustainable finance concept ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance (beyond the Arctic perspective).    

Field notes from a peat bog


NPE’s visiting researcher Hanna Lempinen is currently doing research focusing on the just transition of the Finnish peat industry. She did some fieldwork at a peat bog in Northern Finland in this blog post she shares some of her first thoughts.   

The dynamics of hope, politics and colonialism


In this blog post, Marjo Lindroth and Heidi Sinevaara-Niskanen introduce their new book that delves into the more sinister sides of evoking hope in politics.   

Commercial Waste and Tarnished Trademarks


In this blog, Joonas Vola ponders whether the littering of environment with famous trademarks may cause harm for the reputation or value of a brand. Can the trustworthiness of a product certificate be endangered by relating it to negative activities towards the environmental sustainability in taking account the afterlife of the products?    

The Arctic in the Anthropocene: An International Relations perspective


Monica Tennberg discusses different understandings of the Arctic in international relations research.   

Living in between. The liminal spaces of pastoralism in Sicily


Hannah Strauss-Mazzullo reports from research in Sicily that she is currently working on together with native Sicilian Nuccio Mazzullo. In this scientific undertaking, the northernmost practice of reindeer herding is studied and compared with the seasonal movement of sheep flocks in Sicily, thereby connecting Europe’s northernmost and southernmost herding practices. The project also connects to Hannah’s own upbringing in the French Vosges mountains, where her family herded a flock of goats in the 1980s   

A Christmas Tale – The two ways across urban Arctic ecology


In this year’s Christmas tale, Joonas Vola ponders the problematics of urban city planning and ecology in Northern climate, and the small decision that the residents, pedestrians and cyclists do on a daily basis, while choosing their lane or path.   

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Researchers from the former Northern Political Economy Research Group shared their thoughts and insights related to the Arctic from everyday to social, political and economic perspectives (2013-2023).