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The other perspective on a scientific event - organizing the ARKTIS 2013 seminar


Researchers take part in conferences and seminars on regular basis. When your abstract is accepted and sufficient funds for travelling are granted, it’s time to book your tickets and prepare your presentation. On site, you are a guest and can enjoy the work being done by the organizers and focus on learning about the newest research done in your field. Sometimes you might get a chance to take a look on the arrangements from the other viewpoint when your home organization takes its turn to host a scientific event and you are assigned to a role in making the preparations to welcome the guests.   

Imagining the human within economies


Do we have a lack of imagination when it comes to political research, or is there a danger of developing theologies which forget the human? These are the two highlights which captured my ear during the keynote speech of Professor R.B.J. Walter in the opening of Finnish Political Science Association Convention arranged 7–8. 3.2013 in the University of Lapland, Rovaniemi.   

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Researchers from the former Northern Political Economy Research Group shared their thoughts and insights related to the Arctic from everyday to social, political and economic perspectives (2013-2023).