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    International Women’s Day lecture on #MeToo movement

    4.3.2019 10:43

    On the International Women’s Day on Friday 8 of March 2019 Professor JoAnne Sweeny from the University of Louisville from the United States will give the public lecture in Arktikum library in Rovaniemi on #MeToo movement. The lecture is hosted by the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law (NIEM), which is part of the Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland.

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    Call for applications: Summer School on Arctic Studies 2019

    18.12.2018 13:01

    Summer School on Arctic Studies 2019 will be held at Hokkaido University in Sapporo, Japan. The summer school is dedicated to advanced level undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at the University of Lapland, the University of Oulu and the University of Helsinki. Application deadline is 28 February 2019.

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  • CurrentDevelopmentsInArcticLaw-cover2018_www.jpg

    Publication: Current Developments in Arctic Law

    17.12.2018 9:27

    The UArctic Thematic Network on Law is pleased to announce release of the volume 6 of the Current Developments in Arctic Law. The latest publication highlight contemporary Arctic related developments in areas of law, social sciences and politics. The Issue also describes ongoing projects, and report on events which took place during the year 2018.

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  • Group photo - HuSArctic-Final-Conference-Afroja Khanam_www.jpg

    Researchers: Policy-making related to the Arctic needs a new mindset

    12.12.2018 10:40

    ‘Solutions to common human security issues must be contextual at the local level, and address the unique concerns of diverse identities within communities,’ state researchers in the final report of the HuSArctic project. The main objective of the four-year project in 2015–2018 is to address human challenges of the Arctic population and to find tools to improve human security within Barents region. The project is funded by the Academy of Finland and hosted by the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law, which is part of the Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland.

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  • The second workshop on Food (in)Security in the Arctic was held in Umeå, Sweden.

    15.10.2018 14:25

    This was the second workshop in which participants discussed the progress of their research and presented drafts of chapters’ contribution.

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  • uutiskuva_2.jpg

    The new programme to support Arctic research cooperation between Finland and Japan

    12.9.2018 9:55

    Finnish and Japanese universities will tighten the cooperation in Arctic research and education by establishing Finnish-Japanese Arctic Studies Program. The project is cooperation between the University of Lapland, the University of Oulu and the University of Helsinki from Finland and the Hokkaido University from Japan.

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  • HumanSecurityBook_550x367.jpg

    The new publication highlights the human security challenges in the Barents region

    11.6.2018 10:57

    The book gives a comprehensive analysis of vulnerabilities, challenges and needs that the Barents population experiences today or may encounter in the future. In the book, researchers provide recommendations for new strategies to tackle insecurity and improve the wellbeing of both indigenous and local communities.

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  • FoodSecurityBook.jpg

    New publication on Food Security Governance in the Arctic-Barents Region

    27.4.2018 14:50

    There has been very little documented research conducted on food security in the Barents region when compared to other areas of the Arctic, such as Canada and Alaska. The authors specified that food security in the Arctic-Barents region is subject to a plurality of conditions attributable to the heterogeneity of the territory and national contexts that influence the governance of these territories.

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  • Human rights training for teachers

    23.4.2018 15:50

    In co-operation with the Regional State Administrative Agency, NIEM organized a Human Rights Training -lecture for teachers in Inari.

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  • PolarLawSymposium2017.jpg

    The 10t Polar Law Symposium in Rovaniemi focuses on global and local governance of the Polar Regions

    8.11.2017 9:42

    The 10th Polar Law Symposium will be held in Rovaniemi, Finland on November 13-14, 2017. This year the symposium will focus on the issues of the global and local governance of the Poles and it will include panel sessions concerning the Arctic and Antarctic regions, the protection of the environment, the rights of indigenous peoples and the issue of cyber and digital security in the Polar Regions.

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