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The Land of a Thousand Myths – Forest


What kind of political economy is hidden in the woods? Do we rely our future on myths, and on what cost? Can a box of matches give light and clearing to these questions? To find out, click and roll down.   

Becoming an entrepreneur in Finland


NPE researcher Adrian Braun writes about the initial steps of becoming an entrepreneur in Finland, how to get support and what is important in the early phases of developing a business.    

Academic work in transition


Research professor Monica Tennberg participated in a panel discussing research work in transition.   

A tiny Ecological Act – Plastic in Re-use


Have you come up with an idea how to make something worthless to count, and simultaneously make your ecological footprint lighter and just maybe your wallet slightly heavier? Read about one tiny attempt to do so, for a better tomorrow, in the era of plastics.   

A heterotopian perspective to the Arctic


What is the Arctic? Research Professor Monica Tennberg discusses the question through heterotopia, a concept that helps to understand the contradictions characterizing the Arctic.    

Greetings from Environmental Social Science Colloquium in Rovaniemi


This year the colloqium of the Finnish environmental social sciences met in Rovaniemi at University of Lapland in November 21-23 gathering approximately 120 researchers and experts to discuss human, natural and non-human relationships. Here are some greetings from the colloquium.   

Taking A Stand


Tanja Joona and Joonas Vola had their first joined art exhibition presented in the Gallery Kopio in the University of Lapland in Rovaniemi 23.10.–29.11.2018, after its premiere in Trondheim. Read the story behind the photographic exhibition "Staging Sámi in the City".   

NPE symposium 2018 – Arctic Continuities


The 2018 edition of the annual NPE symposium took place on the 29th-30th of August. Researchers and Polar professionals from diverse Arctic countries met at the premises of the University of Lapland in Rovaniemi. Vivid discussions arose at the event around the topics of cultural and social sustainability and the myriad of resources located in the Arctic    

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Researchers from the Northern Political Economy Research Group (NPE) share their thoughts and insights related to the Arctic from everyday to social, political and economic perspectives.

Whose Sustainability?
PhD research blog about the local and global sustainabilities on the Arctic seal hunt, crafts & trade by NPE reseacher Heidi Konttinen.