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New research project: Exploring a socially sustainable path towards a peat-free energy system


After one and a half years of teaching at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Lapland, senior researcher Hanna Lempinen has returned to the NPE team. In this blog post, she tells a bit more about her new research project and about the peculiar question of peat energy in Finland.   

In the Honour of Truganini


Tanja Joona writes about the story of Truganini, the last aboriginal survivor of Tasmania.   

All I Want for Christmas is a New Year – A Christmas Tale


This is a Christmassy declaration of change on our daily political economy. The views and opinions presented in the text are authors alone, and consider inevitably us all.    

Social Impact Bonds – Success is all what counts!


Projects and initiatives that follow an ecological and/or societal purpose require financing. Reductions of carbon footprints, waste and consumption of natural resources and rising levels of education and decreased rates of sicknesses and crime rates are all noble objectives, but it requires not only plans and strategies, but implementation and activities as well.    

Memories of the city


What does a city remember? In this blog post and in her new exhibition, Monica Tennberg discusses where to find the memories of Rovaniemi.    

How to stay sane during maternity leave


Work and family are notoriously difficult to combine in the academic world, especially for female researchers. In this blog post, NPE team’s Visiting Researcher Hanna Lempinen shares her experience of spending six months at home with a surprise baby.   

The Land of a Thousand Myths – Forest


What kind of political economy is hidden in the woods? Do we rely our future on myths, and on what cost? Can a box of matches give light and clearing to these questions? To find out, click and roll down.   

Becoming an entrepreneur in Finland


NPE researcher Adrian Braun writes about the initial steps of becoming an entrepreneur in Finland, how to get support and what is important in the early phases of developing a business.    

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Researchers from the Northern Political Economy Research Group share their thoughts and insights related to the Arctic from everyday to social, political and economic perspectives.