Arctic Anthropology Blog
  • A new book about Yukaghir people

    19.10.2018 15:28

    Our anthropological team would like to congratulate Dr Cecilia Odé on her new book Life with the Yukaghir: North-East Siberia’s oldest tundra people. The book was published this summer in the Netherlands. Cecilia wrote it as a diary about her linguistic … Continue reading

  • Oktoberfest Munich – is it all about human-horse relations?

    5.10.2018 12:13

    Why would we write about the Oktoberfest on this blog? It turns out that there is an aspect of it that is closely related to the interest in one of our current projects – Arctic Ark – where we are … Continue reading

  • extractivism conference, November 2018

    28.9.2018 11:24

    Our colleagues from the peace studies institute in Tromso share the announcement to this conference, which sounds interesting.  

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