Arctic Anthropology Blog
  • “Linnaeus in Sápmi: Generating Knowledge in Transit”

    19.5.2018 0:29

    The Anthropology Research Team is very happy to welcome you all at the Arctic Centre for a joint presentation by Professor Elena Isayev and Professor Staffan Müller-Wille, both from the University of Exeter, UK, on the 28th of May at … Continue reading

  • Vienna anthropology days

    5.5.2018 9:35

    VANDA is an international conference, first to be held in Vienna in fall 2018, aimed at bringing together scholars from various fields of anthropology and ethnology, as well as other social sciences and humanities. While there is a certain regional … Continue reading

  • Do young people need their own law?

    10.4.2018 20:47

    Our new Finnish-Russian co-financed research project “Live, Work or Leave? ” looks at young people’s understanding of wellbeing compared between Finland and Russia. So far one of the differences between the two countries was that in Finland there is a … Continue reading