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Arktikum House has two main exhibitions, of which the Arctic Science Centre side is under renovation for the next eight months. Photo: Matti Kantola.

Renovation of the Arctic science exhibition in Arktikum begins – other exhibitions are open as usual

26.3.2024 8:47

During the renovation, visitors can explore the other exhibitions with a reduced price. The Arktikum Café and Arktikum Shop are also open normally.

The Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland will start the renovation of the science exhibition at Arktikum after Easter. 

– First, we dismantle the current exhibition, and then we get to start building the new one. Our exhibition space will be closed for about eight months, until it is reopened in December 2024, says the executive producer, Nicolas Gunslay.

Despite the renovation, there is plenty to see at Arktikum for both locals and tourists. Arktikum is a very popular destination, in 2023 there were nearly 135,000 visitors. 
– In the Regional Museum of Lapland we have interesting temporary exhibitions in addition to the permanent one. In May, we will open an exhibition based on the latest archaeological research, examining life in Northern Finland from the 9th to the 16th century," says museum director Hanna Kyläniemi.

Hannele Koskiniemi, CEO of Arktikum Service Co, which operates the café, meeting services, and museum shop, is looking forward to the opening of the renovated science exhibition.

– We expect plenty of visitors in the coming years as well. It's great that there will be more interesting things to see and experience in the building for both new and old customers.

While one side of the building is under renovation, visitors are offered access to Arktikum at a reduced price.

– We have received some inquiries about whether the doors of Arktikum will be completely closed. However, that's not the case; operations continue as usual, and we are currently preparing for the summer season, Koskiniemi tells.

The new permanent exhibition at the Arktikum science centre "Arctic Opposites" is scheduled to open to public on Finland’s Independence Day, 6th of December 2024. It will be an experiential and science-based exhibition that invites visitors to discover the life and unique characteristics of the Arctic.

– Even after the renovation, life in the Arctic in its all forms will remain at the center. However, there will be new emphases in content, and we will also update the technology and the visual appearance of the exhibition, Gunslay states.

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The exhibitions of the Regional Museum of Lapland are open to the public as usual during the renovation of the Arctic Science Centre. Photo: Laurence Rouvier.

More information:

Nicolas Gunslay
Main producer, Arctic Centre, Science exhibition
040 735 7296, nicolas.gunslay(at)ulapland.fi 

Hanna Kyläniemi
Director of the Regional Museum of Lapland
0407283362, hanna.kylaniemi(at)rovaniemi.fi

Hannele Koskiniemi
CEO, Arktikum Service Co.
040 721 3926, hannele.koskiniemi(at)arktikum.fi 

Information about exhibitions and tickets: www.arktikum.fi