Prof. Kamrul Hossain speaks at the Arctic Research Centre in Hokkaido University Sapporo, Japan

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The Director of the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law (NIEM) Prof. Hossain has given a keynote speech at the seminar organized by the Arctic Research Centre (ARC) of Hokkaido University in Japan.

The seminar entitled “Changing Arctic and the Development of Northern Regions” held from 14-15 March 2017, brought a number of scholars from across Japan and the Arctic world to speak on a broader range of issues corresponding to the regional developments to which both Arctic and non-Arctic states have significant interests.

Prof. Hossain’s talk – Asian Observers in the Arctic Council: Stewardship vs. national interests – highlighted the increasing interests of Asian states into the Arctic region, particularly because of the foreseeable trade and business developments amongst these nations in the coming future as the new sea routes are expected to be more operational. In relation to this possible development, he also emphasized on the need for inclusiveness in the governance of the Arctic by way of more integrating the Asian states within the structure of the Arctic Council.