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Pavel Tkach joined the Board of Directors of the Arctic Youth Network

17.5.2023 12:12

The Arctic Youth Network (AYN) is a youth-founded and youth-led non-profit organization striving to connect young people around the Arctic and the world enabling them to build their leadership capacity.

Pavel Tkach, researcher of the Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland, joined the new Board of Directors in March 2023 together with colleagues with diverse experience and backgrounds. He also acts as Co-Vice-Chair of the organization.

Because the AYN is based in Canada, the majority of its members live in Canada and the United States. As Co-Vice Chair of the Arctic Youth Network, Pavel Tkach’s goal is to bring “more Europe” into AYN.

– I hope I can contribute to more deeply involve the organization in participating in European funding campaigns, European Arctic events and cooperation, as well as to demonstrate how the experience of the North American Arctic and its communities can assist the European Arctic in developing efficient policies, particularly in matters of including Indigenous knowledge and providing safe spaces for youth with diverse backgrounds. 

During the first two months, the new Board members expressed an interest and relevance in fostering respect for the values and interests of Indigenous peoples in Arctic states, as well as providing safe spaces for Arctic Youth to ensure effective cross-sectoral dialogues. More long-term priorities and directions of the new Board will be determined later. 

The AYN and its new Board of Directors are eager to develop mutually beneficiary cooperation with various organizations and partners. They are prepared to contribute knowledge, experience and skill in a wide range of activities, from organizing and carrying out conference sessions and panels to participating as a full partner in research projects. 

If you are interested in cooperating with AYN, please learn more from Who We Are – Arctic Youth Network 

You may also contact Pavel or any other member of the Board of Directors directly, contact information can be found on the AYN webpage.

More information:

Pavel Tkach
Researcher, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland