New publications on just economic development in the Arctic and Polar law

3.10.2023 8:25

Two recently published books focus on legal and justice issues. One of the books has been produced as part of the soon to be completed JUSTNORTH project.

Arctic Justice - Environment, Society and Governance is the first book to address economic development in the Arctic explicitly from an equity perspective.

Offering a unique introduction to the study of justice in the European, North American and Russian Arctic, this collection highlights the practical consequences of postcolonial legacies and climate change while championing a sustainable future for Arctic development and governance.

The overarching concern of this book asks what we can learn about the Arctic when we apply the theories and ideas of justice to the region. This book investigates what the Arctic looks like through the lens of justice. 

Book is a result of EU-funded JUSTNORTH -project exploring the perspectives and values that stakeholders can bring to Arctic economic decision-making. Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland is one of the project partners.

Publication information:

Arctic Justice - Environment, Society and Governance (2023), Editors: Corine Wood-Donnelly and Johanna Ohlsson. Bristol University Press. 
Open access.

Comprehensive Handbook of Polar Law

Polar law describes the frameworks that govern the relationships between humans, states, peoples, institutions, land and resources in the Arctic and the Antarctic. The recently published The Routledge Handbook of Polar Law explores the legal orders in the Arctic and Antarctic in a comparative perspective, identifying similarities as well as differences. Handbook shows that “Polar law” is a distinct and evolving discipline.

Four main features define the extensive collection: the Arctic-Antarctic interface; the interaction between global, regional and domestic legal regimes; the rights of Indigenous Peoples; and the increasing importance of private law.

Several researchers from the Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland have contributed to the book. University researchers Juha Joona and Tanja Joona have written a chapter Natural Resource Development in the Arctic and the Question of Sami Land Rights in Finland. University researcher Sanna Kopra is a co-author in chapter about China and the Polar Region and research professor Timo Koivurova in chapter International Regulation of Mineral Resources Activities in the Polar Regions.

Publication information:

The Routledge Handbook of Polar Law (2023), Editors: Yoshifumi Tanaka, Rachael Johnstone, Vibe Ulfbeck. Routledge.