New book on reindeer husbandry and the environmental and societal challenges affecting pastoralist communities in Fennoscandia

21.4.2022 15:00

The volume offers a holistic understanding of the environmental and societal challenges that affect reindeer husbandry in Norway, Sweden and Finland and highlights viable pathways to maintaining reindeer husbandry for the future.

The volume examines how reindeer husbandry is affected by and responds to global environmental change and resource extraction in boreal and arctic social-ecological systems. The book includes in-depth analyses that are devoted to particularly urgent challenges, such as land-use conflicts, climate change and predation, identified as having a high potential to shape the future pathways of the pastoral identity and productivity.

From the Arctic Centre, researchers Sirpa Rasmus, Minna Turunen, Bruce Forbes, Mia Landauer and Simo Sarkki have contributed to several articles in the volume.

The book is now available as an open access version.

Reindeer Husbandry and Global Environmental Change - Pastoralism in Fennoscandia
Edited by Tim Horstkotte, Øystein Holand, Jouko Kumpula and Jon Moen
Routledge, 2022