Picture of a fell landscape, where rainbow is in the centre.
The winning photo "Portti tunturiin" ("Gate to the fell"). was captured by Jetro Luhtaa.

Nature Photographs of the Year 2023 in Arktikum Science Centre

12.3.2024 10:00

The Nature Photograph of the Year is a classical and strong picture of a fell landscape. Last year's most amazing nature photos are on display at Arktikum Science Centre until early May.

The winner of the competition was selected as Jetro Luhtaa's dramatic image of a rainbow in a majestic fell landscape. The judges were impressed by the magnificent atmosphere and balanced composition of the landscape image.

– Experiencing such a captivating moment and successfully capturing it is at the core of nature photography. The image has an extremely fine color palette and a very wilderness-like atmosphere. The hanging rain clouds below and the shadows in the foreground contrasting with the sunlight in the central part create drama and depth, the jury states.

The 2023 competition received a total of 11,089 images from 690 different photographers. The goal is to show the diverse expressions of Finnish nature, as well as the experiences and insights photographers have in nature.

As in previous years, the competition featured nine categories, eight of which were traditional: Plants and Fungi, Birds, Landscapes, Mammals, Other Animals, Nature Details and Shapes, Nature and Humans, and Youth. The ninth category of the competition is a special category called Free and Creative, where images can be processed more freely compared to the traditional categories.

The Nature Photos of the Year 2023 exhibition features all 38 awarded images from the competition. Three best and honorable mention images are included from each of the nine categories.

The competition is organized by the Finnish Nature Photographers' Association.

Nature Photographs of the Year 2023
Arktikum Science Centre, Pohjoisranta 4, Rovaniemi, Finland

Information on tickets and opening hours: https://www.arktikum.fi/en/exhibitions.html#Admission


"Ravistus" ("Shake") by Ari-Matti Nikula.