A misty flowing river in the middle of a dark forest.
“Yö Joella” (“Night on the river”) by Jarmo Mananen won the category of landscape photos.

Nature Photographs of the Year 2022 in Arktikum Science Centre

27.3.2023 8:30

The Nature Photograph of the Year is an exciting snapshot of a mayfly and a fish that preys on it. Last year's most amazing nature photos are on display at Arktikum Science Centre until mid-May.

The exhibition presents the winners of The Nature Photographs of the Year Competition. The winner photograph is Antti Strang’s “Uhka syvyyksistä” (“A threat from the depths”). 

– A perfectly captured situation, detailed and precise. The photographer has managed to trigger the camera at the crucial moment, characterizes the jury.

This year, the competition collected a total of 11 970 photos from 785 different photographers. The purpose of the competition is to tell about the many manifestations of Finnish nature, its views and events, as well as the experiences and insights experienced by photographers.

The Nature Photographs exhibition features all 36 pictures awarded in the competition.

The exhibition opens in Arktikum on 28th of March and photos can be admired until 14th of May. 

Nature Photographs of the Year 2022
Arktikum Science Centre, Pohjoisranta 4, Rovaniemi, Finland


Luontokuvat_E.1._Uhka syvyyksistä_Antti Strang 550x367.png
“Uhka syvyyksistä” (“A threat from the depths”) by Antti Strang.