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Director Johanna Ikävalko has been nominated to two positions that strengthen Arctic Centre’s partnerships towards the research community in the United States. Photo: Santeri Happonen.

Johanna Ikävalko nominated to the Board of ARCUS

1.2.2024 14:21

The Arctic Research Consortium of the U.S. (ARCUS) facilitates cross-boundary Arctic knowledge, research, communication, and education in the US, and with partners across the globe.

Director of the Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland, Johanna Ikävalko, is one of the three new members joining the Board of ARCUS. Term in the board will be from February 2024 through December 2026.

– I am delighted to take upon this position. Strengthening our partnerships with the Arctic research community in North America has been our strategic priority for some time now in the Arctic Centre and this is one important step, Ikävalko says.

ARCUS is a nonprofit organization consisting of institutions organized and operated for educational, professional, or scientific purposes to advance arctic research and education.

Johanna Ikävalko was also recently nominated to the Council of The John Morton Center for North American Studies, at the University of Turku.

– I see my membership at the JMC Council as an excellent opportunity to both follow and influence what is happening in research in the United States. Raising awareness of the Arctic Centre’s research is also a key objective in this task.

More information:

Johanna Ikävalko
Director, Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland
+358 400 291066

About ARCUS: www.arcus.org

About The John Morton Center for North American Studies: www.utu.fi/en/university/faculty-of-social-sciences/john-morton-center