“Decolonizing futures”: Book launching seminar held at Uppsala University!

The book compiles scientific contributions from diverse academic disciplines, including law and human rights, anthropology, political science, and international relations, and artwork presentations from Indigenous artists.

The celebration of the publication of the book entitled: “Decolonizing Futures: Collaborations for New Indigenous Horizons” took place at the University of Uppsala on 9-10 December 2022. The Hugo Valentine Centre of Uppsala University has organized the two-day event.

The publication resulted from the “International Conference on Policy towards Indigenous Peoples” organized in Sapporo, Japan, in December 2017. The Conference was jointly organized by the Centre for Environmental and Minority Policy Studies (CEMiPoS), in cooperation with the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law (NIEM) of the University of Lapland and the Hugo Valentine Centre of Uppsala University, and supported by the UArctic Law Thematic Network.

The Conference accommodated over one hundred participants, including several members of the Network, some of whom contributed to the book. The two-day book release event consisted of an academic seminar on the first day and a brainstorming session followed by idea accumulation for continued future collaboration on the second day.