HuSArctic Final Conference

23.10.2018 9:00–27.10.2018 12:00
Helsinki, Finland

The Final Conference of HuSArctic project "Human Security as a promotional tool for societal security in the Arctic: Addressing multiple vulnerabilities in the Barents Region" on 23-27 October 2018 in Helsinki, Finland.

HuSArctic - Human Security as a promotional tool for societal security in the Arctic – is a four-year research project funded by the Finnish Academy and based in the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law in the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland. The project connects researchers from numerous countries and various backgrounds to societal stakeholders to elaborate on multiple vulnerabilities and challenges to human security in the Arctic, with a specific reference to the Barents region. The HusArctic project will hold its final conference from the 23-27 of October 2018.

The final conference will address challenges to human security in the Arctic, and produce recommendations to enhance human security in the region. Researchers and stakeholders will develop their recommendations in three thematic areas:

1. Arctic communities: identity, culture, community values and challenges
2. Human and societal security challenges in Arctic governance and economy
3. Local implications of global developments

The conference will produce a joint statement based on input from the group discussions and recommendations by each working group. An executive summary of the joint statement will be distributed to policy makers and relevant actors.

The conference will also host the official launch of the HusArctic project’s most recent book publication, Human and Societal Security in the Circumpolar Arctic: Local and Indigenous Communities edited by Dr. Kamrul Hossain, Jose Miguel Roncero, and Anna Petrétei. The book is available online via the publisher, Brill, click here for more details.

The final conference is restricted to only the project participants and invited guests.

More information:

For more information about the final HusArctic conference, please do not hesitate to contact:

Dr. Kamrul Hossain
Tel. +358 40 484 4281, kamrul.hossain(at)

Joëlle Klein
Tel. +358 (0)40 484 4342, joelle.klein(at)

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