Sámi Religion and Art as Systems of Embedded Knowledge


Francis Joy, Doctoral Candidate at the University of Lapland, presents his dissertation concerning the study of Sámi Religion and Art    

Now I finally have 2 pre-readers for my doctoral dissertation, I can breathe easily again and enjoy the summer, hopefully. My subject matter is a new genre of research and therefore, finding pre-readers has meant a 3 month wait, but as they are confirmed and have received the text and published papers I can share something about the nature of my research, which actually began in 2002 when I came as Bachelor of Arts Erasmus exchange student to the University of Helsinki, from Bath Spa University in my native England, to study Indigenous Religions and Arctic Civilizations. Since that time, it has been full engagement with the study of Sámi religion and cosmology, which, for anyone who has trodden this interesting, but also ambiguous pathway, will know the road is more crooked than it is straight. As is the case when studying another’s culture and the traditions and practices that are at its core.