Nordic project to study local views on indigenous rights and Arctic development

23.8.2016 12:00

Recognising indigenous rights and local perspectives on Arctic development –project aims to bring in the importance of local views and the recognition of indigenous peoples’ rights with comparative recording of their dynamics in Greenland, Norway and Finland.

Arctic research and sustainable development politics emphasize the role of local inhabitants in steering the region’s development. In order for the development of the Arctic to be sustainable, local inhabitants need to have a say. In particular, the recognition of the rights of indigenous peoples has been a lengthy discussion in most of the Arctic countries; discussion that is of relevance to local people and communities, indigenous or not. The recognition of indigenous rights has also taken different forms even in the Nordic countries that usually appear so similar.

To date, this awareness of the importance of local views and the recognition of indigenous peoples’ rights has not, however, resulted in any systematic and comparative recording of local views on the dynamics between the recognition of indigenous rights and local peoples’ position in processes that affect them. A new Nordic project titled “Recognising indigenous rights and local perspectives on Arctic development: Lessons from Greenland, Norway and Finland” aims at filling this gap and bridging these two discussions on the recognition of indigenous rights and the role of local people in development.

The project, funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers under its Arctic Co-operation Programme, focuses on three Nordic countries: Greenland, Norway and Finland. These countries have be selected for study due to their different responses to the recognition of indigenous and local rights. The project will run from August 2016 until February 2018. In addition to drawing on Nordic collaboration and expertise (University of Lapland, Ilisimatusarfik/University of Greenland and UiT The Arctic University of Norway) the project builds on NPE research team members. Researcher Joonas Vola coordinates the project, senior researcher Tanja Joona is a member of the research team and the project is led by postdoctoral researchers Marjo Lindroth and Heidi Sinevaara-Niskanen.

The project will organise several open public events in these three countries during its duration.
Welcome to join!

With project greetings,
Heidi, Marjo and Joonas

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