Coexisting Peacefully - Colloquium Images and Imaginaries


The 2nd Peaceful Coexistence Colloquium - Reimagining Ethics and Politics of Space for the Anthropocene 6.-9.6.2017 took place in Pyhätunturi. Here are some of the highlights.   


The 4-day communal event consisted of keynote speeches, workshops, artistic interventions, hospitable get-togethers and excursions outdoors for experiencing the Finnish Lapland. The multidisciplinary and boundary breaking colloquium challenged mainstream solutions for the future of our planet embedded in research, activism and artistic work. The aim of the colloquium was to move beyond the techno-capitalist regime, calling for new and more radical ways for addressing current social-economic crisis, to envisage a new narrative of change that is based upon deep transformations rather than mere social and economic reforms. These numerous and various transformations enable to alter unjust practices and power structures in a more sustainable and context-specific way.


Audra Mitchell, the CIGI Chair in Global Governance and Ethics at the Balsillie School of International Affairs at Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada gave the first keynote with the ‘Creatures Collective’, an Indigenous/Non-Indigenous, interdisciplinary research collective committed to re-thinking and refusing global patterns of extinction and other ecological harms. Its members and partners work in Canada, the USA, Australia, the Philippines, Madagascar and Malaysia, this time including June Rubis, Noah Theriault and Sarah Wright.

Philosopher Tere Vadén, from Tampere, Finland as a second keynote presented a collection of alternative ‘scenes’ besides the ‘Anthropocene’. He interpreted the epistemology of Finnish oral tradition and the contributions of indigenous epistemologies his recent interest concerning the question of energy, especially fossil fuels, and their impact on the experience of modernity.

Hospitality Army is the community art project of two artists from Lapland, Ninni Korkalo and Anne Niskala arranged an artistic intervention and "Hospitality Training" –session. Their aim is to defend community from the internal and outer menaces that are connected to the weathering of the culture of hospitality and the fear of the foreign and alien.


Welcoming by the founding forces of the first and second peaceful coexistince colloquiums, Pasi Heikkurinen (right) and Anu Valtonen (left).



Walk and talk along the landscape of Pyhätunturi.



”What do we have in common - Bingo !” exercise & engaging presentations.




Hugging exercise and ”Still images” by Hospitality Army.



"Landscape of expectations and experiences" tutored by service designer Essi Kuure (right). Will the 3rd colloquium take us to the sunny Sardinia?



'The best paper award' was granted to Tovi Fenster (right) and the award for 'The most engaging presentation' for Sini Forssell & Timo Järvensivu (left).



Solar energy, nutrition and coordination. Thank You participants, scientific committee, organizing committee and our coordinator!

Text and pictures by Joonas Vola


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