All I Want for Christmas is a New Year – A Christmas Tale

17.12.2019 9:46

This is a Christmassy declaration of change on our daily political economy. The views and opinions presented in the text are authors alone, and consider inevitably us all.

In those days the official Santa Claus issued a declaration that a consumerism should be taken to the entire world in the name of caring. This was the second declaration that took place after the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change had released its report that issued concern on everyone and everything, that dwells upon the earth, in the deeps and on the sky above.

So, a group of rebellions against extinction went up from the town of Rovaniemi to the Arctic Circle, Santa’s Village, because they belonged to the children of Mother Earth. They went there to protests against the commercial Xmas, that blessed and pledged to consume in the name of loving and caring, since they were expecting a different kind of future. They were there, since the time came for a change to be born.
And there were people keeping watch over their assets and profits. Suddenly a great company of the rebels for life appeared from the audience, with signs addressing:

npe joulublogi kuva.jpg

… and some were terrified, but the message was to be known as: Do not be without hope and joy; we ask for actions that will cause a positive change for all the planet’s dwellers. Today, also in the town of Rovaniemi, a rebellion for a needed change has been born. This will be a sign for the world and it’s addressed leaders.

They spread the word concerning what had been told them about the occurring calamity, and who heard it were amazed. But one should not treasure up all these things and ponder them in one’s heart, but to act out and demand for acts righteous and devout. Therefore, the countless wise wo/men in their honouring and wisdom would only bear the gift which is not bought, since in the declared new era it is the only one that counts, and the one that is priceless. Commercialised Christmas and the heavy weight of gift giving, if not downscaled, literally leads inevitably to eXmas, where it begins to look a lot like a long autumn, where one can only dream about white Christmas, living a blue Christmas, where for many there is no home where to drive for Christmas, and it may very well be the very last Christmas, pa rum pum pum pum …

Give up on things, do not give up the future <3

Yours sincerely,
Joonas Vola

PS: The credits of environmental and humanitarian activism sited on the blog belongs to Elokapina Rovaniemi, Extinction Rebellion of Rovaniemi, and the message is interpreted by the author of the blog.