A Nightmare before Christmas – A Tale on Ignorance and Inequality

15.12.2020 9:28

And it happened in those days, in a land up, high up in the North, not so long ago, that the Three Wise Women took a long journey to follow a frozen star, to seek their way to Him, to sit next to His throne.

They came before Him bearing many gifts, those of glory, great value and wisdom. Though He rejected the offerings and took another fellow, one of the least of His brothers. And the Three Wise Women shook, and they spoke in disbelief, and their words carried on, and the paper-winged choir sang with them, and the words where laid down, and an ink-black mood came down with them.

In the darkness the sheep became restless. And the herd bleated: ‘Where is our good shepherd? If our shepherd does not have a right mind and his throne is crooked, what will come of us? Are we not consumed by the beasts?’ And when their voices rose, they reached the high throne.

And though He came down and He let His light shine down on them, and spoke:

It is not about the weight that one brings, it is about the fit, the places to set on, not upon. It is not malicious what is put in the mouth, but that what comes out from it. The darkness and worry that has spread is only the darkness of an ignorant soul. What we have seeded now, that we will also harvest, and with the harvest comes the new and the same seed. One does not make cultivation anew by a generation, but it is laid down from father to son, from a setting sun to a rising sun, time after time. It is not up to Him to claim the change, but for the least of my siblings to do to one another.

And the sheep flocked merrily together, and joined a baa: ‘The shadow of doubt is gone, it was just a nightmare, a peril non-existent! There is no worry left, since there was not one to begin with!

And all was good in the kingdom once again, as if nothing had ever occurred …

Have a Peaceful Christmas and an Equal New Year!

By Joonas Vola