Yearbook of Polar Law, Volume 5 (and Volume 6)

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The Yearbook of Polar Law is a peer-reviewed publication based at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law at the University of Akureyri in Iceland. The Yearbook covers a wide variety of legal and governance topics relating to the Arctic and the Antarctic. It is published by Brill/Martinus Nijhoff Publishers.
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Accepted submissions should be 15-20 printed pages long (OR 5000-12000 words).

Volume 6 deadline and contact person would be announced shortly.

When you submit your paper to the Polar Law Yearbook, please remember to attach:

1. A short abstract (up to 200 words);
2. Keywords (up to 6);
3. Your institutional affiliation;
4. Information whether you want us to put your contact email in print;
5. Please use Chicago reference style.
6. Please send us your paper in WORD (doc, docx, rtf) file.
7. You need to provide us with permissions for any figures and graphic elements taken from other sources. Please note that the graphic elements should be delivered in high quality (300 dpi), so they cannot be simply copied from the Internet. Moreover, they will be printed in grayscale. Please check whether in grayscale your maps/graphs/photos are still informative.

Submissions (Volume 5) to Adam Stepien (
With copies to Professor Gudmundur Alfredsson ( and Professor Timo Koivurova (

PLEASE NOTE: The editors and the publisher unfortunately are not able to provide language editing services. Therefore, the authors are requested to deliver English-proofread papers. Should the language quality be considered insufficient, the authors will be requested by editors to submit their papers to language editing.


Downloadable citation guide (Chicago style).

For your Yearbook of Polar Law contributions please use the following style:

- There should be no bibliography (reference-list).
- Please use footnotes and NOT the author-year format (do not use 'T' option from citation guide).
- The first time the source is mentioned it should contain the full record as in (B) in the citation guide.
- Please use ‘Ibid.’ and ‘Supra note’ for the repetitive citations.
- Latinisms in references and in the text (Ibid. and Supra in 'Supra note') should be italicized.
- For Supra note citations please use one of two formats (X - preceding footnote, Y - specific page number in the source):
        - <Author's last name OR Title of un-authored>, supra note X at Y.
        - Supra note X at Y (if no author available).
        - Ibid., at Y.
- Please provide the date of retrieval for the URL sources >> (accessed MONTH DAY, YEAR)
- All footnotes should start with a capital letter and finish with a period.

Chicago style guide does not provide specific examples for legal citations (esp. treaties and cases) and governmental reports.
It is, however, advised to use Bluebook style for legal materials. You will find below links to specific and fairly clear bluebook guidelines, followed by a separate one for governmental reports.

Legal materials:
(if the link doesn’t open the page directly, please choose “21. International Materials” from the pane on the left)

And as not everybody has access to the bluebook website, here are examples (constitution, act, treaties, a case and another source):

U.S. Constitution, amendment XIV, § 1. (or just U.S. Const. amend. XIV)

Social Security Number Privacy and Indentity Theft Prevention Act (US) of 2003, H.R. 2971, 108th Cong. § 101 (2003). (high variability depending on the national legilation) (could be later referred as Social Security Act, supra note...)

North American Free Trade Agreement, U.S.-Can.-Mex., art. 705(3), Dec. 17, 1992, 32 I.L.M. 289 (1993).

Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context, Espoo, February 25, 1991, 1989 U.N.T.S. 309.

Pulp Mills on the River Uruguay (Argentina v Uruguay) (Merits) April 20, 2010 I.C.J. 14, para. 204. (optionally simply: Argentina v Uruguay... )

Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy. Guidelines for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in the Arctic, Helsinki: Finnish Ministry of the Environment, 1997

And you can refer more to a good summary on Cornell website:

Overall, the citation is fine as long as the source/document/material is easily identifiable, is in general within the guidelines, and the citations are consistent within the paper.

With best regards from the Yearbook's editorial team,

Gudmundur Alfredsson (University of Akureyri, University of Strasbourg)
Timo Koivurova (Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland)
Adam Stepien (Fifth Volume Special Editor, NIEM, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland)

Editorial board: Agust Thor Arnason; Professor Nigel Bankes; Professor Kees Bastmeijer; Professor Malgosia Fitzmaurice; Professor Lauri Hannikainen; Dr Marie Jacobsson; Dr David Leary; Dr Natalia Loukacheva; Professor David VanderZwaag; Laila Susanna Vars; Dr Lotta Viikari