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Leadership of the Thematic Network

Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law
Arctic Centre, University of Lapland, Finland

P.O. Box -122
Arctic Centre, University of Lapland
96101 Rovaniemi, Finland

Professor Timo Koivurova,
Phone: +358 40-55-19-522
Email: timo.koivurova@ulapland.fi

Researcher Leena Heinämäki
Phone: +358 40-723-34-57
Email: leena.heinamaki@ulapland.fi

Researcher Tania Joona
Phone: +358 40-48-44-283
Email: tanja.joona@ulapland.fi

Sub-group on Indigenous Peoples’ Law

Professor Øyvind Ravna
University of Tromsø
9037 Tromsø, Norway
Phone: +47-776-465-10
Email: oyvind.ravna@uit.no

Sub-group on Oil and Gas Legislation

Associate Professor Betsy Baker
Vermont School of Law
164 Chelsea Street, PO Box 96
South Royalton, VT 05068
Phone: +1-802-831-1270
Email: bbaker@vermontlaw.edu

Sub-group on Arctic Governance

Natalia Loukacheva
Munk Centre for International Studies
University of Toronto
1 Devonshire Place
Toronto, Ontario, M5S3K7
Tel: +1-416-946-0326
Email: n.loukacheva@utoronto.ca

Berry season in Lemmenjoki, Lapland, Finland.
Sallivaara (in the picture) used to be an important reindeer round-up location for Sami herders and currently it is an important heritage site within Lemmenjoki National Park.