LABSOCPoro (Kuva: J. Jokimäki

Functional and Social Structures of Local Communities (LABSOC)

LABSOC collected local views on the questions and potential problems related to the use of the nature and environment by tourist centres.

LABSOC -task conducted following surveys:

  • Basic information related to the populations in the tourism centre areas, their sources of livelihood and land use
  • Interests, needs and environmental attitudes related to the use of nature by various groups 

Via dialogue between the various parties:

  • Central issues were identified 
  • Participation possibilities were developed 

According to the LABSOC –task, tourism increase job opportunities. However, local people are also concerned about the growth plans of the tourist destinations.  Second-home owners, who spent significant part of the year in the resorts, also want to participate the development processes of the ski resorts. Seasonal workers constitute a challenging group for planners as they are potential new residents in the region, but currently their views about the area planning are not taken account. Focus group interview seem to be a good participation tool.


Contact details:

Senior Researcher
Seija Tuulentie
Finnish Forest Research Insitute
Rovaniemi Research Station
P.O.Box 16
96301-FI Rovaniemi

Main publications:

Mettiäinen I. 2007 : Growing tourist centres nearby fell side villages - challenges to social sustainability. -LANDSCAPE LAB -project, Arctic centre, University of Lapland. Lapin yliopistopaino, Rovaniemi. 122 s. + liite.

Tuulentie, S. & Mettiäinen, I. 2007:  Local participation in the evaluation of ski resorts: the case of Ylläs and Levi in Finnish Lapland. -Forest Snow and Landscape Research 81: 207-222.