LABPLANTKullero (Kuva: S. Kananen)

Production of Plant Material for Landscape Planning, Greening and Restoration (LABPLANT)

LABPLANT searched usable and hardy plant species:

  • To meet the needs of sustainable restoration 
  • For landscaping in northern areas

The task also:

  • Selected hardy plant species
  • Developed methods of plant propagation
  • Produced plant material for planting in LANDSCAPE LAB demonstration areas
  • Produced a manual for landscape planning and restoration research and professional use

According to the results of the LABPLANT –task, the methods used and the plant species in landscaping or restoration should be selected on the basis of local growing conditions, planned use of the area and the amount of trampling the area is subjected to.   At northern areas, local wild plants sources and hardy ornamental plant origins should be used for propagation. Local plant producers with local plant sources should be favored.


Contact details:

Kari Laine
University of Oulu
Thule insitute
P.O.Box 7300
90014-FI University of Oulu

Main publications:

Laine, K., Pihlajaniemi, H., Kananen, S., Siuruainen, M., Hämäläinen, A., Kauppila, T. & Peteri, S.-L. 2007 : Hardy plants of northern tourist destinations (in Finnish with English summary). -Kalevaprint Oy, Oulu. 96 s.

Pihlajaniemi, H., Siuruainen, M., Rautio, P, Laine, K., Peteri, S.L. & Huttunen, S. 2007 : Successful growth of micropropagated ornamental tree forms in northern Finland. -Dendrobiology 57: 61-71.