Videos and photos from fieldwork among the Nenets at Yamal, Russia

5.8.2010 11:15
During June 2010 Arctic Centre's Research Professor Bruce Forbes and his team went to an expedition to Yamal Peninsula

Yamal_Bruce_2010_IMG_4382.jpgThe research team migrated by reindeer sledge with the Nenets herders and they took lots of pictures and videos 
which are now available online.

During the expedition  they were sampling willow shrubs from the tundra for work on dendro climatology and interviewing elders of the Nenets herder communities.

Yamal Peninsula is 720 kilometers long and 230 wide peninsula in northwest Siberia where Nenets reindeer herders are living. Russian’s biggest natural gas reserves are also situated there and the peninsula is important nesting place for a multitude of arctic bird species. 

Bruce Forbes and his team has worked several years in the region and their recent study indicates that the Yamal Nenets cope well with rapid land use and climate change.