Flags of Arctic countries and permanent participants in a row in an Arctic Council meeting.
A line of flags symbolizing Arctic cooperation as it used to be. Photo: Kaisa Siren.

Arctic Centre researchers analyze consequences of Russian attack to Ukraine

4.3.2022 10:30

The ongoing war in Ukraine started by Russia has many consequences for Arctic co-operation. In their articles, Arctic Centre researchers analyze the situation.

Several Arctic Centre researchers have already written articles about what the war means for Arctic co-operation. The articles collected here have been published before the Arctic Council on 3rd March announced about pausing its activities until further notice.

Research professor Stefan Kirchner says in SSRN that the new era of international Arctic governance can be based on the well-established cooperation between the Nordic countries, and by extension Canada and the United States of America. International Arctic governance continues - but Russia has walked away from the community of states that base their relations on international law.

In The Arctic Institute, senior researcher Sanna Kopra discusses the role of China in this new situation: it is hard to imagine that the US, Canada or the five Nordic countries would want to deepen economic cooperation or integrate China into regional decision-making forums in case it chose the siding with Putin’s Russia.

In the Polar Connection, research professor Timo Koivurova analyzes the consequences for the Arctic region. Can we think of continuing Arctic co-operation, with other members onboard, without Russia? 

Arctic Centre researchers will continue writing about the situation. Please see our Twitter feed @Arctic_Centre for latest updates.

Additional information:

Research professor Stefan Kirchner, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland
stefan.kirchner(at)ulapland.fi; +358 40 484 4001

Senior researcher Sanna Kopra, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland
sanna.kopra(at)ulapland.fi; +358 40 132 4502

Research professor Timo Koivurova, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland
timo.koivurova(at)ulapland.fi; +358 40 551 9522

Head of science communication Markku Heikkilä, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland
markku.heikkila(at)ulapland.fi; +358 40 494 4300