Newly published issue of Barents Studies focuses on the remote local communities

18.3.2021 13:34

Peer reviewed articles discuss how ideas about sustainable development and neoliberal governance meet in community development.

The current issue of the international peer-reviewed journal Barents Studies is based on the results of the NEO-BEAR project – "Neoliberal governance and sustainable development in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region”. The issue features four peer-reviewed scientific articles, two book reviews, and self-presentations of young scholars of the region.

The first article is written by Thomas Ejdemo who discusses sustainable local development in the context of a short-lived mining boom in Pajala, Sweden. In the second article, Elena Tonkova and Tatyana Nosova examine the cultural policies and practices in Ust-Tsilma municipality (Komi Republic, Russia) from neo-liberalism and sustainability perspectives. In the third article, Larissa Riabova addresses sustainable development of small Arctic communities through the lens of community capitals, based on a study from Teriberka, a village in the Murmansk region, Russia. In the fourth article Ritva Kylli and Juha Saunavaara investigate transport infrastructure in the Sámi area of Finnish Lapland of 1920–1930. 

– This issue is dated 2017, as it was initially planned. Despite the lag in publication caused by a number of reasons, we believe that this issue has value today and gives insights about how small remote communities can develop under pressing circumstances, says editor of the issue Larissa Riabova. 

The first book review of “The Barents Region – A Transnational History of Subarctic Northern Europe” (chief editor – L. Elenius) is written by Adrian Braun. The second book review of “Society, Environment and Human security in the Arctic Barents Region” (co-edited by K. Hossain and D. Cambou) is offered by Yulia Zaika. The journal also features young scholars of the Barents Region: Tatiana Ageeva, Alix Varnajot and Anastasia Gasnikova.

Barents Studies is an international journal that publishes peer-reviewed articles. The journal is published by the Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland (Finland), the Luzin Institute for Economic Studies of the Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia), and the Barents Institute at the University of Tromsø (Norway).

Barents Studies: Peoples, Economies and Politics
Special Issue Vol 4, Issue 1 (2017)
Neo-liberalism and sustainable development in the Barents Region: A community perspective

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