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On behalf of the Arctic Centre, the message was received by research professor Timo Koivurova (pictured right). Also in the picture Esko Junttila and Juhani Sihvonen representing association Kaukametsäläiset, the founder of Jukola relay. Photo: Napapiiri-Jukola

Jukola Message addressed to the Arctic Centre

23.8.2021 9:51

The message of the Jukola orienteering relay event that was held in Rovaniemi on 21-22 August was addressed to the Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland. According to the decades old tradition, soon after crossing the finishing line, the anchor of the winning team will read a message greeting a topical community or group or attracting attention to a matter of importance.

In Rovaniemi, the recipient of the message was the Arctic Centre, through which the message was also aimed at increasing information about the Arctic region and preserving the Arctic nature. The previous three recipients of the message have been the National Board of Education, the Finnish Defense Forces and the centenary of Finland’s independence.  In the past, the message has also been addressed to a number of organizations and other actors of general interest.

– This is a truly wonderful tribute to the work of the Arctic Centre.  I feel immense joy and pride on behalf of the whole work community. At the same time, this strongly obliges us to continue our work to promote the sustainability of the Arctic region and to increase Arctic knowledge and understanding,” says Johanna Ikävalko, Director of the Arctic Centre.

The message was read early Sunday morning by Eemil Svensk, the anchor of the Stora Tuna team that won the Jukola orienteering relay. On behalf of the Arctic Centre, the message was received by research professor Timo Koivurova.

The entire message reads as follows:

”Blue stretched the sky, a faint west wind breathed in the air, the birch gleamed on the hill in its new cloak of green and a white-foaming rowan spread its perfume far around.”

This is how Finland’s national author Aleksis Kivi describes the beauty of the Finnish nature during the early summer.

Clean nature, clean air or clean waters however should not be taken for granted. The Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland promotes sustainability of the northern part of Finland by increasing the knowledge about the Arctic region. The work is done by combining high-quality research and providing scientific information to both decision makers and the general public.

Nearby the Arctic Circle, we have carried our message through the bright summer night of Lapland on Vennivaara’s demanding cliffs and on the surrounding treeless wet swamps, to thank the Arctic Centre and all other parties, who with their work and example want to contribute to preserving the unique beauty and purity of the Arctic nature also for the future generations.

Rovaniemi, the 22nd of August 2021

Jukola Relay orienteers


More information:
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Arctic Centre, University of Lapland
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