The new Barents Studies bring economic, social and political margins on focus

10.10.2018 13:22

The new issue of the international peer-reviewed journal Barents Studies covers topics around marginal phenomena. The issue 1/2018 features three peer-reviewed scientific articles, two research communications, a book review of the Encyclopedia of the Barents Region, and introductions of young scholars of the region.

The first peer-reviewed article is written by Hanna Lempinen who examines the societal dimensions of energy. In the second article, Frode Bjorgo investigates how different policy areas are coordinated in two Nordic municipalities affected by mining megaprojects. In the third article Heidi Rapp Nilsen and Trond Nilsen tackle the discharge of drilling waste from petroleum operations in the Barents Sea and present suggestions for environmental improvements to the Norwegian regime for discharging drilling waste.

The first research communication is written by Pekka Iivari and it attempts to determine how Russian media representations of migration are contextualized and what kind of spatial practices are formed in the case of the arctic border with the European Union. The second research communication, by Marit Sundet, informs us about the challenges of being a participant observer in a non-established culture, in No Man’s Land as she defines it.

Barents Studies: Peoples, Economies and Politics is published in electronic form. The journal is an open access publication and is free of charge:

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