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Kaisu Koivisto, a detail from video essay ‘New Nuuk’.

Observing the changing northern regions through art and science

29.11.2022 8:54

Exhibition by Nordic artist network, Changes on Northern Shores: Observing problems through art and science, will be open for visitors in the Arktikum Science Centre 3.12.2022 – 30.4.2023.

In the North, global and local changes have environmental, cultural and social consequences. Current changes have already begun to modify Northern societies and the environment. 

Pollution, excessive fishing, expanding tourism and extraction of natural resources hurt fragile nature. Climate change is also proceeding rapidly in North causing both predicted and unpredictable consequences. Environmental changes affect local communities and their livelihoods producing slower and faster changes on social, cultural, economic, and political levels. It is challenging to find sustainable solutions, as the changes are multi-layered and not easy to understand.

The exhibition includes artwork from Valgerdur Hauksdóttir (IS), Josefina Posch (S), Tulle Ruth (DK/NO), Ove Mikal Pedersen (NO), Tiu Similä (FI), Kaisu Koivisto (FI), Sébastien Robert (FR/NL), Liisa Kanerva (FI/NO), Antti Stöckell (FI) and Timo Jokela (FI). The artworks have varied formats, from sculptures to video and sound installations.

The aim of the Changes on Northern Shores network is to make the changes in the Nordic Region visible and tangible to the general public by means of both art and science. The artist network was initiated and developed by visual artists Liisa Kanerva and Kaisu Koivisto. 

Their driving force is to bring together different interests and information from artists and researchers working on topics which have a northern, and also a global, dimension. Using art and research side by side reveals new ways to discuss and reflect challenging matters in a forward-looking way. The project enables collaboration between artists and researchers, emphasising new ways of working together.

During 2021–2022 the results of Changes on Northern Shores will be presented through exhibitions, seminars and happenings in different parts of the Nordic region. An important feature of the network is to arrange seminars and talks to facilitate discussion of local changes and problems. Arktikum will host a seminar of the artist network 2.12.2022 at 2pm, in the Aurora Hall.

The exhibition has been supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

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Liisa Kanerva, liisakanerva@gmail.com, liisakanerva.blogspot.com, +358 443319551
Kaisu Koivisto, kaisukk@yahoo.com, http://kaisukoivisto.com, +358 40 705 1908