Arctic Youth Forum discusses how to make the Arctic an interesting place to live for young people

9.11.2017 13:02

Arctic Youth Forum discusses how to make the Arctic region, especially Finnish Lapland, a lively and interesting place to live and stay for the young generation. The Arctic Youth Forum is a side event of the Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit conference. It is organized by young innovative students from the InnoBarentsLab of the Lapland University of Applied Sciences. The forum will be held on the 13th of November 2017 at 6 pm in Hostel Café Koti, and it is open for everyone.

– Our main idea is to give a platform for young people to express their opinions and ideas concerning the future of the Arctic while connecting them with influencers and decision makers. We aim to do this, because we want our Arctic to be lively and buzzing even in 20 years from now. We need young people to stay in the Arctic for this to be possible, so it is time to give a chance for them to have a word, says Nikolett Plesér, who is one of the student organizers from the Lapland University of Applied Sciences.

The format of the Arctic Youth Forum will be an interactive Q&A panel. The panel will be hosted by Mikaa Mered, who is Professor in the Free Institute of International Relations Studies in Paris and Anzelika Krastina, the Director of International Relations in School of Business and Culture of the Lapland UAS. The panellists include René Söderman from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Anna Reetta Rönkä from the University of Oulu, Eija Lange of Rovaniemi Development Ltd, Veikko Kärnä of the Lapland University of Applied Sciences and Teppo Säkkinen who is a student at the University of Lapland.

– Our panellists have versatile expertise to provide you with different perspectives on topics such as economic and business development or well-being in the Arctic, says Plesér.

For further information, visit the official website of Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit Conference: www.rovanimiarcticspirit.fi.

Arctic Youth Forum
Hostel Café Koti (Valtakatu 21, Rovaniemi)
Monday November 13, 2017 at 18

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Further information:
Nikolett Plesér, 040 043 9792, nikolett.pleser@edu.lapinamk.fi