New project to support the integration of children with immigrant background in school education

14.8.2017 13:56

The Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland is taking part to project which aim is to explore the measures aimed at improving participation and learning outcomes of children from a migrant background. The project outcome is to foresee an output such as a national charter, policy recommendations and annual reports to EU.

The four year project is under the partnership agreement with the European policy network named Sirius and the Arctic Centre is one of the 28 partners from 18 different countries. The Arctic Centre’s part of the project is hosted by the research group "Arctic Law and Governance” and it is led by the Research Professor Timo Koivurova and vice-led by Nafisa Yeasmin.

- Our target is to find out both the national and regional barriers and opportunities of schools in supporting the inclusion of refugee children and their families by increasing awareness for educational accessibility. We will recommend policy guidelines which are necessary in order to assess the effectiveness of provisions for ensuring inclusive education in the school, says Nafisa Yeasmin.

- We will indeed focus on the tension that exists between the requirements of the minority discrimination legislation and the way school leaders make decisions about the inclusion of students with minorities in Finnish schools. The democratic governance process of inclusion will be discussed between stakeholders in our roundtables for policy briefing, Research Professor Timo Koivurova mentioned.

The project will produce an annual Shadow report, which would aim to analyze challenges and highlight recent developments in the field of inclusive migrant education. Shadow reports will also aim to identify key policy pointers to address existing challenges in the field of migrant education. The project will be focusing on national and international roundtables, peer learning activities, annual plenary meetings and dissemination of activities. The project is targeted contributing to content development for the European Commission and identify, share and promote good policy practices.

The project is funded by EAC/S28/2016. The total budget of a network is about 400,000.00 € for year 2017 and for the Arctic Centre maximum of 15,000.00 € for each year.

More information:

Framework partnership agreement with a European Policy network in the field of education of children and young people with a migrant background: http://www.sirius-migrationeducation.org/projects/framework-partnership-agreement-with-a-european-policy-network-in-the-field-of-education-of-children-and-young-people-with-a-migrant-background/

Nafisa Yeasmin
Arctic Centre, University of Lapland
+358 40 484 4256, nafisa.yeasmin(at)ulapland.fi