Rupert Gladstone appointed Adjunct Professor of Computer Modelling in Glaciology

15.10.2018 13:59

Based on the decision of the Rector of the University of Lapland, PhD Rupert Gladstone has been appointed for the position of Adjunct Professor of Computer Modelling in Glaciology in the Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland. Gladstone is part of the Global change research group of the Arctic Centre.

Gladstone’s driving research question is “How much sea level rise can we expect from the Antarctic Ice Sheet over the next 100 years?”. Research topics include the stability of ice sheets and their contribution to sea level rise, ice sheet – ocean interactions, and computer modelling of ice flow.

Gladstone has been collaborating with the Arctic Centre since 2012. Gladstone’s work partner at the Arctic Centre in geoengineering and glaciology is John C. Moore. Their research team cooperates actively with international research organizations around the globe.

More information:

Adjunct Professor Rupert Gladstone
Arctic Centre, University of Lapland
+358 40 484 4325, rupert.gladstone(at)

Rupert Gladstone’s publications and projects can be accessed through the LaCRIS research system

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