Arctic Centre and Luxury Action announce a partnership

17.5.2019 12:12

The Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland and Luxury Action have announced a partnership. The aim is to develop services where tourists can learn about the impacts of climate change on the Arctic environment, wildlife and local cultures.

When science immerses into the tourist activities, participants will have deeper understanding of the various changes at the Arctic region.

– This is a good example how we can cooperate with the private sector and to service each other, says Nicolas Gunslay, Chief Executive Producer of the Arktikum Science Centre.

The partnership supports the aim of the Science Centre to develop scientific tourism where research intertwines with experience.

More information:
Chief Executive Producer Nicolas Gunslay, etunimi.sukunimi(at)ulapland.fi, +358 (0)40 735 7296

Arktikum Science Centre