Person holds the audio guide device and pointing it towards the spot where one can hear more information.
Audio guide is very simple to use.

New audio guide deepens the exhibition experience in Arktikum

30.3.2023 10:21

The Arktikum Museum and Science Centre offers visitors an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the content of the exhibitions with new audio guides.

Audio guide is free of charge for customers who have purchased an exhibition ticket. Using the audio guide is simple. Audio guide devices can be found from the rack after ticket office. It is also possible to connect your own headphones to the audio guide. 

In total, there are fifteen elements in the exhibitions for which the audio guide provides additional information. At the Lapland Provincial Museum more information is available on topics such as markets, military history, the history of forestry, salmon fishing, Sámi culture and northern animals. At the Science Centre, you can learn more about the Northern Lights, the polar bear and climate change. 

The range of languages will be extended in the future, at the moment audio guide is available in Finnish and English. A limited number of audio guides are available and can be taken along when equipment is available in the rack. It is not possible to book them in advance. 

Visitor listening the audio guide device while standing next to a polar bear in the exhinition space.