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New book on Social and Cultural Sustainabilities in the Arctic

13.11.2019 11:43

Arctic Centre’s Northern Political Economy Research Group established an overview focusing on social and cultural dimensions of sustainability in different Northern case studies in Finland, Russia and Greenland.

The book explores these thematics through paying attention to resources in different definitions and forms and the ways in which they entangle in the realities and expectations of social and cultural sustainability in the region.

Exploiting natural resources is not just an economic issue - instead it is entwined with various societal, political and cultural dimensions. The book presents examples of different social and cultural sustainability dimensions among others in Marjo Lindroth’s article ‘Greenland and the elusive better future: the affective merging of resources and independence’ and Francis Joy’s article on exploiting Sámi cultural heritage in tourism in Finland.

The book is published by Routledge and co-edited by Research Professor Monica Tennberg, University Lecturer in Political Science Hanna Lempinen and Doctoral Candidate in Political Science Susanna Pirnes.

Resources, Social and Cultural Sustainabilities in the Arctic
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