Reindeers on winter pasture.
Photo: Joonas Vola

New research supports reindeer herding communities adapt to climate change

29.6.2022 12:42

The ArcticXchange project explores how weather and climate forecasts can help reindeer herders adapt to climate change.

The ArcticXchange project, in partnership with the Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland, explores how climate predictions can help reindeer herders’ decision-making in reindeer husbandry. The project aims to provide scientific information that could help the adaptation and decision-making of Arctic reindeer herding communities in the context of climate change.

In reindeer herding communities, decision-making has been largely based on the traditional knowledge of indigenous peoples and practitioners. Although reindeer herders have become accustomed to coping with adverse weather and grazing conditions by utilizing traditional knowledge, today´s rapidly changing Arctic environment poses new challenges for the management of herding activities.

The project aims to generate scientific knowledge around existing traditional knowledge that could improve the capacity of reindeer husbandry communities to address climate change. One of the case studies of the project will be conducted in Finnish Lapland.

ArcticXchange is funded by the EU-PolarNet2 and led by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC). University Researcher Tanja Joona is leading the project activities from the side of the Arctic Centre.

More information: ArcticXchange - Exchanging knowledge and co-producing climate services with reindeer herders and Arctic communities

Text: Juulia Tikkanen, intern, Arctic Centre