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New publication about human security threats in the Barents Region

24.8.2017 9:00

New academic book introduces episodic and empirical evidence addressing the multifaceted aspects of human security in the Barents Region and looks at the prevalent challenges to the maintenance of societal cohesion.

The book “Rethinking multifaceted human security threats in the Barents Region: A multilevel approach to societal security” is written by researchers Gerald Zojer and Kamrul Hossain and it will introduce some of the preliminary results of the HuSArctic research project. HuSArctic is an Academy of Finland funded research project of the Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland, the aim of which is to address the multiple aspects of human security as they apply to the population of the Barents region.

Societal security is about protecting the core values of particular communities. According to the authors, communities are defined on different scales and levels, such as the subnational, national, transnational, or international levels. Defining societal security along the border of nation states comes short in addressing the particular challenges for individuals and small communities. Within the Barents Region, many communities have their particular characteristics and thus a distinct set of challenges. The book argues that societal security needs to be approached from a flexible and multilevel perspective, to enable meaningful and targeted policies that promote human well-being.

The book published by the University of Lapland Printing Centre is part of the series Juridica Lapponica. A digital version of the book is available at

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