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Stoat on snow. Photo: Ville Heikkinen

Summer exhibition reveals the changing winter

1.6.2020 12:09

The Changing Winter exhibition shows winter as we know it, reminding us of what we stand to lose, and it illustrates some of the changes that are already noticeable. The photos in the freezing summer exhibition are captured by three leading nature photographers in Finland.

Stunning photos and expert texts explain how animals of the North survive in the midst of snow, ice, and frost. What happens to mammals and birds as winters become shorter and warmer as the climate changes? For some, life becomes easier, but for many it becomes more difficult.

– As the season of snow shortens, a white animal shines like a beacon into the predator's eye. Winter food stores freeze and get covered as snow and rainfall take turns at an ever-increasing pace, the exhibition describes.

The bird photos are taken by Markus Varesvuo, landscape photos by Jarmo Manninen and animal photos by Ville Heikkinen. The author of the texts is biologist Pertti Koskimies.

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Golden eagle. Photo: Markus Varesvuo

Why is an exhibition about winter on display in the summer?

– We thought that the northern winter could be of particular interest to summer tourists coming from abroad. Now the situation with regard to visitors seems very different from what we imagined when planning the exhibition, says exhibition designer Anna Hyvönen.

The Changing Winter exhibition is on display at the Arktikum Science Centre from June 2 to September 13, 2020.

More information:

Minna Lindroth, 040 5245366, markus.varesvuo@lintukuva.fi

Anna Hyvönen, exhibition designer, Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland, 040 484 4289, etunimi.sukunimi@ulapland.fi

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