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Pinewood King Bolete (Boletus pinophilus) thrives in old forest. Photo: Arto Vitikka

New information package available about biodiversity in the Arctic region

9.8.2022 15:33

A new section dealing with biodiversity has been opened on the website of the Arctic Centre. This and other similar summaries aim to increase knowledge about the Arctic region in popularized form. Material is available in Finnish, English and Swedish.

What does biodiversity mean? What is biodiversity in the Arctic? Why is it important to preserve Arctic biodiversity? Answers to these and other related questions have been compiled in an easy-to-understand format on the website of the Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland.

Website is produced and maintained by the science communications unit at the Arctic Centre. In addition to biodiversity similar information is available among other things about the special characteristics of the Arctic region, the Arctic indigenous peoples, climate change in the Arctic and flora and fauna in the region. In addition, various maps of the Arctic region are compiled on the site and they are free to use. 

Although the topics are quite broad and complex, the information packages try to focus on the most essential issues. Links and tips for further information and literature are also available on each theme. 

– The sections in our website that provide general information about the Arctic region and its special characteristics are quite popular. Based on the feedback, there is a growing demand for such summaries of Arctic topics, states information specialist Arto Vitikka from the Arctic Centre.

Explore the material:
Biodiversity in the Arctic region
Basic information about the Arctic Region

More information: 
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Information specialist
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